Client Testimonials


Ross Partrich, CEO, RHP Properties
“We find the JLT Market Reports to be an excellent guide when analyzing local market conditions for acquisitions, as well as extremely helpful for rent increases across our portfolio throughout the country.”

Jon Colman, Executive Vice President, Sun Communities
“We use the surveys to gain insight into markets when analyzing an acquisition opportunity.  The “Findings and Observations” section is an executive summary that provides a concise overview of the market.”

Lewis Grace and Art Tuverson, Vice President, GE Capital Real Estate
“We use the surveys for rent comps when underwriting a loan.  The surveys allow us to quickly respond to our customers and help us  gain a solid understanding of a market in a short amount of time.  The reports identify institutional & major owners in each market and provide a clear understanding of market rents and occupancy rates." 

Cory Sukert, President, Cal-Am Properties
“The surveys provide a comprehensive analysis of competing communities in those markets in which we operate.  The information is a valuable part of our marketing efforts nationwide.” The management reports, including the comparative report, provide a quick determination of relevant market conditions.” 

Michael Rosenhagen, Vice President Operations, Carefree Property Management
"The JLT Market Surveys are the first source we go to when analyzing potential acquisitions. We have used these surveys for over ten years and find the information contained in the surveys very concise and extremely useful when evaluating and comparing market conditions throughout our portfolio. The surveys are easy to understand and are a very valuable tool for our industry."  

Scott Tew, Capstone Valuation Advisors

“The JLT Market Reports are a huge resource for us in writing our appraisals.  The occupancy and rental rates are instrumental in helping us to accurately describe the state of the local marketplace to our clients.  Capstone Valuation Advisors would not be able to write as detailed and informative manufactured housing community appraisals without the JLT Reports.  We highly recommend the reports to fellow appraisers.”  

David Lentz, Green Courte Partners, LLC
“We use the surveys to analyze markets nationwide and to support our due diligence reviews of potential acquisitions.  The surveys provide accurate and timely information about market conditions including occupancy levels and rent rates and helps us determine where a given property is positioned in the market.”